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We offer a number of design services. A consultation will help determine which services are right for your project's unique needs.


Furniture Layout and Space planning

Furniture layout and space planning for each project is fundamental in creating efficient, functional, and visually appealing interiors that meet the needs of the occupants while maximizing the use of available space.


Rendering and 3D Modeling

Renderings help designers and clients visualize the layout, proportions, and aesthetics of a space. These digital visualizations help communicate design concepts, make informed decisions, and bring ideas to life, enhancing the overall design process and facilitating effective communication between designers, clients, and stakeholders.


Furniture, Fabric and Accessories Specifications

Furniture, fabric, and accessories specifications for the building are designed to create a cohesive and visually appealing interior environment that complements the overall design concept and meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space.


Hardware, Plumbing and Appliance Specification

Hardware, plumbing, and appliance specifications for the building are designed to provide functional and visually appealing solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of the space.

Design is when form and function come together in harmony to create an exceptional experience.

Grant Vetter, President

Project Milestones

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Functional Spaces

Designing functional spaces is the art of seamlessly blending look and feel with practicality. It involves designing for not only the specific use of the space, but also the ease and comfort of the occupants that inhabit it. It is critical to optimize functionality while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. From spatial organization to ergonomic layouts, every detail is purposefully tailored to each project's unique needs.


Efficiently Beautiful

To us, beauty carries many meanings: in addition to pure aesthetics, there is beauty in how spaces make us feel and how they relate to use. Our design intent is to create environments that both captivates with their aesthetic appeal and inspire. By integrating smart design principles, making appropriate material selection, optimizing space utilization, and employing innovative solutions, these spaces achieve both beauty and functionality.

Budget Compliance

Spending wisely on interior design is crucial for crafting feasible extraordinary spaces. It requires strategic allocation of funds to areas that exert the greatest influence on the overall design outcome. Our extensive experience in building a multitude of different projects allows us to develop efficient and constructible designs that will reduce overall costs while still providing the desired aesthetic.

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